So Many Choices for a Romantic Trip in Mexico

Want to spend some quality time and take your partner together a romantic getaway? Treat yourself to a romantic trip in Mexico. Mexico has a variety of places where you can rekindle or enhance the romance of your relationship.

Romantic Mexican beach

Whether you want beach time, sucking back on margaritas, or to explore historical sites, Mexico has them all. You can spend the nights partying and taking in all the enjoyment of the nightlife while still keeping the romance going through the night!

I recommend you take a trip with your loved one to Los Cabos. Los Cabos’ beauty and elegance will overwhelm you. It has a number of activities that you can indulge in throughout the day and hang around being romantic throughout the night. The location has an unbelievable night life. Los Cabos is also fantastic for a honeymoon. You’ll discover fantastic restaurants and clubs all over the place. You’ll also find many locations where you can play golf and fish.

I first learned about Los Cabos from my friend Jeff, owner of the highly rated auto repair shop Chelsee’s AC & Brake Emporeum in Phoenix, Arizona. He has a lot of Mexican friends and customers, and regularly takes trips to Mexico. Los Cabos is one of his highest recommendations! It’s also one of mine 😉

Then there’s Cancun… Cancun provides you the peaceful elegance of the blue ocean, culture, outstanding food, and an amazing nightlife besides an endless selection of terrific water sports. It’s among the leading traveler locations in Mexico and covers the most stunning marine landscapes in its borders. From Cancun you can go for adventures along the Mayan Riviera, where you will discover monoliths, temples, sculptures and ancient cities of America’s ancient Mayan civilization. Think you can see all of its 130 kilometers of beach and natural reserves?

Puerto Vallarta is a lover’s paradise. If you looking a quiet, peaceful and romantic trip then this is the location for you. Its cobblestone streets and lovely white structures with red tiled roofing systems can quickly recognize Puerto Vallarta.

Manzanillo is among the most wonderful and joyous beach locations you will find during your romantic holiday. It has great sands and is abundant in natural plants. A lot of hotels and other hospitality centers in Manzanillo have first class service which further increase your romantic escape!

Other romantic locations in Mexico include places that are not on the beach or coast. In the town of Oaxaca, you’ll see historic attractions and architectural views that are not found in the rest of the country. One of the popular things in this region is black clay pottery. Oaxaca is popular for lots of other crafts, too. Nearby, natural attractions include a nearly 2,000-year-old tree (wow!) and a church dated from 1521.

Mexico has so much to provide romantic travelers. From mind-boggling beaches to regal cities to romantic locations, the nation has all that you ever want for your dream honeymoon or couples trip. Each place is unique and has its own appeal, of course. Mexico has actually always been known as a lover’s paradise and winds of romance drift through the air. A romantic vacay to Mexico? Make it the next trip on your holiday calendar. You’re gonna want to visit again and again after your first time. I promise.…

Romantic Locations to Visit While On Travel in Venezuela

Venezuela is love itself. Insanely gorgeous! Think of those vast sandy beaches, those roaring waterfalls, those lush rainforests…the extensive limestone caves, the turquoise sea. Venezuela is the place to be for nature lovers and lovers. Be careful when you travel to Venezuela; you may fall deeply in love with it and refuse to leave.

Located away in northern South America, bordering the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, between Colombia and Guyana, Venezuela may seem quite isolated geographically, but it is not a lonely place. If you want to enjoy an excellent romance experience with your partner, visit the following destinations in Venezuela:

Hesperia Isla Margarita

This private beach hotel is one perfect place to relax and unwind. There are very few vendors to bother you with wares. There is no loud music too, so you can whisper those sweet things while sipping juice or one of the simple foods on offer. The two of you can spend time reading books, there being not many activities going on here. The value is in the quality time spent in a serene place.

Hesperia Isla Margarita is surrounded by a stunning landscape of a natural park and peacefully looks out over radiant white sands and crystalline waters. The hotel is clean, the staff is outstanding, and the services are excellent. If you travel with kids, they will have a blast with the activities dedicated to kids.

Parque Fernando Penalver

This is an excellent park by any measurement. It is charming, tidy, clean, safe and friendly. There are security officers and lots of friendly people. You can come here with your partner for a picnic on the open grass as you watch musical performances. You can also take part in yoga, jogging or strolling on the trails through the trees while taking in the fresh air. There are various trees and plants to study. Then there are the exciting birds, squirrel and a timid rodent called chiguire. Then you two can sit on the benches and rest, after crossing some bridges over a winding river and seeing much artwork.

You will feel the power of love as you walk in this peaceful oasis near a noisy, traffic-jammed city. But the best part is that the entry is free.

Waterland, Margarita Island

This park on Margarita island offers you two the opportunity to swim with the dolphin. It is fun to ride with and kiss dolphins. What a way to celebrate love! It is a fantastic experience. The funny trainers will assist you with everything, beginning with a show with the SEAL. They charge about $20 per person, and this includes the cost for the movie and the Pictures.

To get there, it is best you rent a car or take a taxi and then buy the tickets for a tour operator will exploit you.

Angel Falls

Did you know that Angel Falls is the highest uninterrupted waterfall in the world? You didn’t. Now you know. A visit there will offer you and your lover a serene peace as you watch the flowing waterfall, as the tour guide give exciting tidbits. You will learn that the waterfall was named after Jimmie Angel, a US aviator. Then you and your lover can go kayaking or hiking to explore flora and fauna surrounding the site.


If you are a US citizen, you are charged $30 for a 12-month, multiple-entry visa. All US citizens must also have a tourist visa. No airline agrees to board a U.S citizen traveling to Venezuela without a tourist visa.

The best times to visit Venezuela are between December and May. It will work in your favor to learn some local phrases like chao for “Goodbye” and cuanto cuesta? “For how much?”.